Are you looking for home builders in Brisbane to enhance your outdoor space? Our glorious climate dictates that entertaining outdoors has become a significant part of Queensland life and often a deck is the first addition to a newly purchased home. Ferguson Styling has built many different styles of deck incorporating various types of handrails or balusters such as traditional timber, glass, aluminum, wrought iron and stainless steel wire.

We ensure the design and aspect of our decks suit the owners’ needs and budget, as well as enhancing the existing dwelling. In the past we have incorporated stairs into the deck in various positions, as well as alfresco kitchens, and enclosed laundries. We also take into consideration the effect that the new deck will have on the adjoining rooms of the house in relation to the amount of light and traffic flow. Sometimes doorways and windows to these areas need to be enlarged.

Jason recommends hand nailing galvanized nails or concealed ‘DekLok’ fasteners for all weather-exposed decks.

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